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the foam that piss makes in tha can.
you can tell that he didn't flush. the spooma is still there.
by kevin March 06, 2005
any man who does a crazy dance in public to entertain friends. Secondary usage: To get a certian yawah all pumped up when she is just trying to sit on her couch. (May or may not be accompanyed by a fly-away.)
Fak! Look Matt! Look at Fak go!!
by kevin March 25, 2004
a racist word to say to a person from the middle east witch u should never say speacially to a chaldean if u like living

yea to all u haters that talk shit about chaldeans hiding behind ur little computer screen ... yea feel speacial u lil pussies because ull never have the balls to say it to are faces ... even thou some are assholes still u shouldent be stereotyping we aint all like that
white person:fucking camels
chaldean person: ::knocks the fuck outta him:: keep talking now bitch!
by Kevin January 23, 2004
the act of putting in a fat dip
I my bitch is getting on my nerves I really need to throw in a scoob.
by kevin February 27, 2003
Shit that comes out of the ass.
hey dont poop on me!
Ok ill stop pooping on you.
by kevin February 07, 2005
when you take your second shit of the day usually happens the day after a night of heavy drinking.
hey Holst how many shits did you take today. Thats funny you ask Kev I just finished my deuce deuce.
by Kevin November 21, 2004
Just to let you know
Off the record Miranda, I love you.
by Kevin September 04, 2003

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