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5 definitions by Kerp

noun: 1. a flower of one color petal; comes in different colors 2. the name of a woman, usually associated with beauty
verb: the past tense of rise
I picked a rose for you.
Let's go see Rose.
Sam rose from his seat, shaking with anger.
by Kerp March 06, 2004
place: a state in the US
I live in Utah.
by Kerp March 06, 2004
noun: a class where people either teach or are taught math. a mandatory class in US public school systems
I fell asleep in math class again.
by Kerp March 06, 2004
british term
verb: to have sex with someone or something
noun: something that is shaggy
adjective: being of or relating to the verb shag or the noun shag
I shagged her 'til she was raw!
Wow, that carpet really is a shag.
Don't be shag!
by Kerp March 06, 2004
noun: something that vibrates, usually a dildo
You should try out my vibrator some time.
by Kerp March 06, 2004