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loosely translated it means do you know what i'm sayin'
a proclamtion
to be correct
i told you that was going to happen sheowmsain
by Keith August 23, 2004
Whip our your cock and lash her across her face
I won a trip on the set of Who's the Boss. I asked Tony Danza for his autograph and almost instantaneously I felt a hot sweaty lighthouse whip across my face. I assume this was a Danza Slap
by Keith June 19, 2004
A Pool term used for excellence
Someone makes a great shot and we all shout "Snurta"
by Keith April 19, 2005
The slimy underbelly of a small tree dweller known as Cathy.
A crud covered toadstool found in South Africa.(origin:Ripe bananas for everyone.)
Look at that disgusting Crebo-Crapsaw.
by Keith March 15, 2005
is meat on stick

-best served with crab juice, or mountain dew.
We do not sell hot dogs, only helkholesh.
by Keith August 23, 2004
Small digging monkey like creature living on the Isle of Wight (United Kingdom)Creates all manner of tastless orniments and occasional sand realted havoc
"Oh no the sandmonkeys have been......."
by Keith August 04, 2004
to be of the opinion that BenA is a complete and utter cock, one that thinks of BenA as a twat.
"Whats your opinion of BenA?"
"Oh I'm a bit CEB about him"
"me too"
by Keith December 02, 2003

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