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100 definitions by Keith

a badge-clad fool who latches onto anything remotely successful . Tends to congregate around like-minded individuals , usually Norwegians.
that old hag who follows Tim Henman every year on Centre Court with the jester's hat and Union Jack bloomers is a right Sampara .
by Keith November 10, 2003
Great movie that says "fuck" a lot and everyone should watch.
SLC Punk is a Great movie that says "fuck" a lot and everyone should watch.
by Keith July 30, 2003
Noun. Of Halo 2 Origin. When one sticks another with a plasma grenade in the mid section. Variants are Blue Bandana and Blue Shoe.
When he tried to grab the flag I gave him a blue diaper and we won.
by Keith March 15, 2005
loosely translated it means do you know what i'm sayin'
a proclamtion
to be correct
i told you that was going to happen sheowmsain
by Keith August 23, 2004
A Pool term used for excellence
Someone makes a great shot and we all shout "Snurta"
by Keith April 19, 2005
The slimy underbelly of a small tree dweller known as Cathy.
A crud covered toadstool found in South Africa.(origin:Ripe bananas for everyone.)
Look at that disgusting Crebo-Crapsaw.
by Keith March 15, 2005
From Final Fantasy X; the farplane
"It is a song from an otherworld."
by Keith January 25, 2005