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51 definitions by Keifermail

Day Shift Problem- Acronym used at the end of a night shift to describe a problem that they are leaving for the day shift.
"Don't worry about changing that old ladies shitty diaper dude, it's only 25 minutes to quitin' time, that shit is a DSP."
by Keifermail July 26, 2008
An unexpectantly raunchy patch of foul smelling air caused by a nasty fart. A delicacy in the right setting- see dutch oven. Usually the culprit is unknown (see SBD) and most often it is caused by random crop dusting.
Scott- "Did you taste that?"
Tap- "I smelt it."
Scott- "Shit flavored air!"
by Keifermail August 08, 2009
A beautiful term for an extremely Foul smelling fart. The term is made funnier if the fart sounds like quacking duck when expelled from the rectum. Though an SBD can still qualify as a Butt Duck if it is especially foul (emphasis on the word foul/fowl for comic effect). See frequently activated rectal tremble and shit flavored air.
"Fuck Mary, you shit a butt duck! I think you have cancer, something has crawled up your arse and died!"
by Keifermail August 08, 2009
A process of extracting secret information from someone by getting them drunk and thereby loosening their ability to control their tongue.
We took the manager out and did some shots and pitchers. The beerterrogation worked, before long he admitted layoffs were coming.
by Keifermail August 06, 2008
A straight man that is attracted to tom-boyish, more athletic women who dressed simply with little or no makeup, etc. Unfortunately, many of these women are lesbians. See butch, bull dyke, etc. Not to be confused with a fag hag who knowingly befriend homosexual men, the Butch Chaser is simply attracted to women who most often are lesbians by default.
"Steve's a Butch Chaser, he thinks that dump truck driver lady was hot."
by Keifermail July 23, 2009
Chronic state of being an assfuck.
Sheila has a severe case of assfuckitis.
by Keifermail August 08, 2009
Person engaged in a dangerous act with the most likely conclusion is their ending up a patient in a trauma unit.
An idiot riding a wheelie down the interstate at 70 mph with no helmet.

"Rick must be drunk, wrestling an alligator is trauma seeking behavior."
by Keifermail July 27, 2008