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1.to have sex with. 2. to screw 3. to make love 4.to masterbate
me and my boyfriend like to do the flibbidy-dibbidy ;)
by Kc_Kit-Kat November 15, 2006
1. balls 2. testicles 3. gnads 4. his twinky sack
That chip and dales dancer has big tiddley winks
by Kc_Kit-Kat November 27, 2006
1. A woman who you dislike, who is unpleasant and nasty.
2. A sexual term for someone you knock around in bed or a bitch
1. That woman who just called me fat is such a hizzer!
2. come here you fexy (fucking sexy) hizzer, im going to screw you sore!
by Kc_Kit-Kat November 15, 2006
My word for shit, poop, crap, or feces
I ate too manY beans, and I had to take a huge shirottidot
by Kc_Kit-Kat November 15, 2006
1. To fuck/screw at the same time 2. to have dirty sex with
Man that guy is hott, im gonna f-screw him!
by Kc_Kit-Kat November 16, 2006
1. Igly-uglier than ugly 2. Fugly-fucking ugly 3.foo-fool
Man, that guy who asked for your number was one igly-fugly-foo!
by Kc_Kit-Kat November 15, 2006
1. to have anal sex 2. or to do it doggie style 3. or to get butt raped/ jail raped
Last night my boyfriend told me "hizzer, im gonna feduck your donk, so hard, you wont be able to shit for a week!" and it made me really horny
by Kc_Kit-Kat November 15, 2006

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