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It's a mix of heroin and cocaine and is ussually injected
you havent tried nothin until youve had a speed ball
by Kari January 01, 2004
Anyone who has small children and is addicted to the cute matching clothes at Gymboree. They think about it everyday and are mebers of Chat Forums and Yahoo groups dedicated to Gymboree clothing.
You know you're a Gymboholic when you have bought the same item twice, b/c it was a good deal, but forgot you already had that piece in the storage bin.
by Kari May 06, 2005
The greatest person i have ever met...is always putting a smile on my face on my worst days. just hearing his laugh makes me so happy...ive known him forever and still get butterflies when im around him i hope i can be with him forever hes the first guy ive ever loved and hes so awesome...
the spense a nator lalala
by kari September 08, 2004
a sweet chik who can make hella good rolled tacos.
damn these rolled tacos penny made are hella good
by kari January 26, 2005
The best darn PSO and FFXI guild this century has seen.
The Giant Tree hits Woe with an apple.
The Giant Tree hits Dive with an apple.
Woe and Dive make Apocalypse Tribe.
by Kari August 22, 2004
Hormonal Transgenderal man
"Hey Klise!"
"WTF?! Can't you leave me alone? I broke a nail!"
by Kari April 12, 2005
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