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Just because you have Diabetes doesn't always mean you are fat and dont require insulin. You can be pencle thin and still require insulin. It depends on your body and how it uses the insulin it makes or receives.
I have Diabetes and I'm 5 foot and 100 lbs and require 400 units a day of Humalog insulin because I'm insulin resistant.
by KRYSANN October 17, 2006
A web site where you can track money that has been registered, with www.wheresgeorge.com to see where that bill has been registered before. When someone else registeres a bill you have already registered it will let you know where that bill was last entered, how far it has traveled and how long it took. It can be registered anywhere in the world. It is a free site to join and you can read other people's profile and where their bills have been and find out some interesting things about money.
I got a $5.00 bill and entered it at www.wheresgeorge.com and it had been registered in TEXAS where it started then went to EUROPE, ST. THOMAS,and IOWA. "I dont know why anyone would want to visit Iowa. There isn't anything here"
by KRYSANN October 25, 2006
The research of your family history. Searching to find out who your forfathers were and where they were from. Keeping a record or tree of where your genes originated from.



4--grandfather, (your fathers father)
5--grandmother, (your fathers mother)
6--grandfather, (your mothers father)
7--grandmother, (your mothers mother)

8--great grandfather, (your grandfathers father)
9--great grandmother, (your grandfathers mother)
10--great grandfather, (your grandmothers father)
11--great grandmother, (your grandmothers mother)
12--great grandfather, (your grandfathers father)
13--great grandmother, (your grandfathers mother)
14--great grandfather, (your grandmothers father)
15--great grandmother, (your grandmothers mother)

Each time you add a generation the numbers double. Number 1's father is #2, his grandfather is #4 and great grand father is #8. If you want their wives you add one to the number.

You can add as much info to your trees as you like such as Medical History, Birth/Death Dates/Places, Siblings, Children.
An easy way to remember how to start a genealogy chart is to keep the men on all EVEN numbers and the women on all ODD numbers.
by KRYSANN November 03, 2006
In my small town of 300 people we have a group of new mothers who push their baby carriages around the town for exercise. Our town now call them the Carriage-Cruisers
There goes the new town carriage-cruisers down the road pushing their babies in strollers.
by KRYSANN October 18, 2006

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