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Extremely vulgar term for one's penis.
"How she wished that she was penetrated by his blue veined custard chucker."
by KHD July 17, 2003
Noun. A sexual technique of Eastern origin which translates as "holder" and refers to the female using vaginal muscle contractions to "milk" the penis. It requires much, much practice.
"Bloody hell, Hermeira can do the kabazzah... She REALLY made my stick sting!"
by KHD February 19, 2005
The most offensive cocktail in the world. It consists of gin, with a dash of tomato juice, some French mustard, a tiny dribble of water, and rather than a cocktail umbrella, a tampon.
Shayla slapped Kandron when he asked for a Cunt Pump, not realising that he had given up absinthe.
by KHD August 29, 2004
Female masturbation. A fringe psycho-feminist term because it eliminates the male-dominant "master" bating.
"Olivia, although she was happily married, often engaged in mistressbation while her husband was away on long business trips."
by KHD January 27, 2004
Nadsat slang. A random middle-aged personage. Also veck.
"So we fillied on this writer chelloveck..."
by KHD June 07, 2003
The application of urine as a form of sexual activity. Urolagnia is considered pretty taboo, and in the UK, the BBFC refuses point black to pass any film, pornographic or not, involving this scene, not even at "R18" (equiv. of "XXX" rating in US).
BBFC report on the thought-provoking chef d'oeuvre "Liquid Love" -

"When submitted to the BBFC the work had a running time of 239m 35s.

To obtain this category cuts of 121m 0s were required., some or all of these cuts were substitutions. The cuts were Compulsory.
Cuts were required to remove scenes of urolagnia in accordance with the current interpretation of the Obscene Publications Act and to remove sight of abusive and degrading activity (gagging during deep throat fellatio) in accordance with current BBFC classification Guidelines and Policy. R18 sex works may only be sold in a licensed sex shop."
by KHD November 21, 2003
Computer system from 1980s and early 1990s. Marketed under the tag, "Power without the price", the Atari ST was an extremely good system - and affordable - for its time, but the damp squib that was the STE (like a standard ST but with a blitter chip which no sod used and and extra £50 on the price), followed by the destined-never-to-arrive Falcon (also from Atari) caused interest to lapse. That, and the fact that there was a bit of a lack of decent software for it - it lost huge swathes of market share to PCs.

If you still have nostalgia for this miseworthy computer system, visit www.atari.st.
"Operating your ST computer is not difficult; however, you should learn to operate it properly..." - ST Owner's Manual
by KHD October 17, 2003

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