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One of the most honest people you'll ever get to meet. True to himself. Beautiful to all without knowing it. If you get to be one of the luck girls to date him make sure you keep him around. The fact that he doesn't like to talk much doesn't mean that he hasn't got something to say, so make sure to listen to him. Don't start an argument if you wanna win, he will never agree with you if it doesn't make sense to him.

One of the most caring lover (and friend) around. Will most likely think your problems are more important and easier to solve than his own.
once you go Elric you'll never go back.
by Elricians December 27, 2012
Elric of Melniboné, albino prince of ruins, spectacular, tormented. Wielder of the Black Sword, Stormbringer. Eternal Champion. Last ruler of the Bright Empire of Melniboné. Twice betrayed - first by his cousin Yyrkoon, and second by his sentient sword, which killed his only love, the princess Cymoril, in the final fall of Imrryr the Beautiful, the Dreaming City.

Some consider Elric of Melniboné to be the greatest anti-hero in all of science fiction and fantasy.
Although his saga is over, author Michael Moorcock occasionally writes interludes in the tale of Elric from time to time.
by KHD May 17, 2004
A giant asshole. Elrics are commonly known for being enormous gluttons, as well as having a ego larger than the VY Canis Majoris. They commonly make random insults that make no sense whatsoever. They also tend to doubt everything you say and will most likely end up in a mental hospital.
Guy 1: Dude, that asshole over there thinks he is hot shit.

Guy 2: Well yeah his name is Elric.

Guy 1: Oh, that makes sense.
by BR4\/\/L3R101 September 26, 2011
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