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12 definitions by KBK

A state of resentment toward your partner when you try a 69 twice, and twice they fart in your face.
Man, after those two 69's I can't handle it 67 more times
by KBK January 23, 2005
The act of laying in the grave in a dead state.
That dude be dirt nappin' after ma boys bust a cap in his ass.
by KBK January 23, 2005
Terminology for male masturbation
I was lookin' at that biatch in Playboy and greasing the monkey.
by KBK January 22, 2005
A native or inhabitant of Japan.
Everyone tells me to get a Toyota. Well, I ain't gonna buy that nipponese piece of shit!
by KBK September 30, 2005
A fast-food restaurant, such as McDonald's or Burger King, serving only fatty foods.
Last night I ate a triple cheeseburger at Bimbo's. That place is cholesterol city!
by KBK January 31, 2005
The event of having sex with one partner right after another.
Man, last night I had a double-header with a blonde hottie and her brunette ho biatch friend.
by KBK January 22, 2005
One who has sex with own mother.
If you need to call someone a mother fucker in a polite way, then call him an edopus.
by KBK September 02, 2007