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.....not to be confused with easy.
The name for your hot sexy bby mama.
Great at sexting, and air dries frequently.

"Dude the other day I caught my bby mama pulling an eeezy."

"What do you mean?"
"I came home and she was air drying."

"Man your bby mama is an eeezy!"
by KAR_in-a October 03, 2009
....Nickname for Karina.
Multiple meanings one, which may stand for: KickAssRapper.
Wayyy Legit...
Added sauce after words.
Is a SluttyWhoreHoin'Prostitute.
Makes friends with everyone.
Easily annoys others, which can resort to problems.
"Hey look its a KAR!"
"Dude I heard she is a SluttyWhoreHoinProstitute."
"Well duhh, she is after all A KAR."
by KAR_in-a October 05, 2009
...."Hoin" not to be confused with "Heroin"
Usually extra origiinal.


Tends to add sauce after the end of words...such as lamesauce, sweetsauce or coolsauce.
Has random outbursts in their own version of Shakespearian time.
The person no one admits to liking but they enjoy their sense of humor.
Also uses phrases such as "Hey gurll Hayyyy!"
May or may not be friends with a Barky the Dino.
"Did you hear what that girl said?"
"I think..."
"Wow she must like totally be a SluttyWhoreHoin'Prostitute."
by KAR_in-a October 05, 2009
Karens Cocks...

The name of the "station" of onliine videos that stream from Karen's Myspace.
"I caught an episode of KCoq live last night, that was some legit shiizzzzzz!"
by KAR_in-a October 05, 2009
Is broken down as:
KAYTEN: which is simply the drunken form of the name Karen.
PUSSANDER: which is added on merely to show love.

Is defined as:
A way to describe a girl that is cool, original and nice. She's funny, sweet, friendly, smart as hell, she is extremely gorgeous, and above-all flawless. Kayten Pussanders' have a great personality, and are wonderful people. However, they are annoyed by the use of leet, and improper spelling and use of the English language.

Facts of Kayten Pussanders':
-They stream KCoq videos
-They befriend types of people that are SluttyWhoreHoin'Prostitutes.

Lastly and most importantly:
Kayten Pussanders' are important people in everyone's lives. Anyone would be lucky to have a Katyen Pussander in their life; and everyone NEEDS a Kayten Pussander.
"I got a chance to hang out with Kayten Pussander last night. Best experience EVER!"
by KAR_in-a November 01, 2009
Broken down as:
LYSS: the name of this particular individual.
PUSSANDER: which is added on to merely show love.

Is defined as:
She's an amazingly kind, extremely gorgeous lady, whom you can't help but fall in love with. Her beauty is breath taking and her personality just seals the deal.

Facts of Lyss Pusssanders':
-They are pretty much sisters of Kayten Pussanders'
-They befriend types of people that are SluttyWhoreHoin'Prostitutes.

Most importantly:
Lyss Pussander's are important to have in your life, they help turn your frown upside down.
"Did you see that girl??! I swear she MUST be a Lyss Pussander!"
"Dude, I totally, agree."
by KAR_in-a January 12, 2010
A sexy Puerto Rican boy who flirts with all the "wimmenz."
When he drives by in his evo, you can't help but stare. The guys lookin' in envy and the ladies lookin in desire for his sexiness.
He's a tech nerd, but he's the one you want to tap your ass.
He's nice, and a friend you'd want in your crew.
Dude: "Man did you see that Izzy in his evo?"
Girl: "Yeahhh I sureeeeeee did<33"
by KAR_in-a January 08, 2010

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