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Also known as the Jolly Rogerer,pirate of men’s pants.
Watch out there maybe Poo Pipe Pirates int the shower room.
by K-Slash October 06, 2003
A plop plumber who always visits via the tradesman’s entrance.
Timmy was visited by the Brown Pipe Engineer in the dead of the night.
by K-Slash October 06, 2003
The final product of someone has ruin your shit. A utter defeat or total destruction on a massive scale.
"Aww, man that's some severe ruination!"
by K-Slash May 17, 2005
To be beaten in a sound fashion, in a violent way. Stems from the game character Jin Kazama who is the cheapest character in Tekken 4.
"Did you see that? That nigga got JINNED!"

"He got jinned!"
by K-Slash August 04, 2005
The lag in the Highervoltage DC hub has become so bad that the reply has been posted by another person.
Raven1234: Anal sex?
Captain_Murphy: Anal secks?
Nobodyatall: BOOYAKA'D!
by K-Slash October 06, 2003
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