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rap group consisting of Sheek Louch, Jadakiss, Styles P (formerly the LOX) and J-Hood. D block is distributed through Universal Records.
Much like Ruff Ryder, So So Def and J Records, D Block is a street label established by an artist currently in the industry.
by jx December 08, 2004
Incredibly lazy, unstable, spontaneous young adult. capable of amazing mental/physical feats but only willing to sit around watch tv/eat. Considered the devil-may-care type. Absolutely loves bitties.
Damn! that kid loves tits like a fuckin' soultronic!!!
by jx August 28, 2003
Noun - Another word for male genitalia, typically utilized in literary erotica.
Then came the moment when he pressed his bulk, warm and throbbing, against my upper thigh.
by Jx September 24, 2014
When a lawn is infested with dandelions rather than being the impressive, all-American, sprawling bed of pure Kentucky bluegrass it should be.
The neighbors are getting upset over our dandelawn. It's detracting from their beautiful tulips and weed-free landscaping.
by Jx May 17, 2011
adj. describing an event after which nothing will ever be the same; describing the setting/time of such an event; or items particularly of note in such an event.
The day Ned Stark died was a fraptious day for fans of Game of Thrones.
by jX July 24, 2013
To be amazing, in a positive and powerful way. So much so that one gains a bit of rock star status, if only temporary.
Hey girl - you're so rockstarrific for creating that awesome presentation for today's meeting!
by Jx November 25, 2009
see muffin pants

when you see a person who's pants fit so tightly around their waste that their fat spills over their pants.
person 1 "she's put on alot of weight"
person 2 "i know, her spillage is hangin' out everywhere"
by jx December 06, 2004

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