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14 definitions by Justin Herbert

Pronounced (KEY-ten) is slang for Asian takeout or buffet food. Khitten comes from the rumors suggesting stray cats are an integral component of Chinese food.

Analogous to mystery meat.
"So, did you go to Super Wok last night?"

"Yup. The fried khitten was delicious."
by Justin Herbert April 10, 2009
Combination of "jello" and "lol." It has been speculated that this is the expression Bill Cosby uses in text messages as well as internet forums.
P_Rash: Did you see that episode of Mad TV where Aries Spears made fun of Cosby?

B_Cos: Yea jellol
by Justin Herbert April 10, 2009
A dude brood, or dude brooding, is defined as when a man (dude) thinks moodily/anxiously or sulks.
"I heard Geoff got dumped by that slut Alicia."

"Yeah, he's having a dude brood session right now."

"What a puss."
by Justin Herbert April 10, 2009
Fake romance. Can be most visibly observed in sappy love films and is a major component of love novels.
"That movie The Blue Lagoon was a total fauxmance flick."
by Justin Herbert April 09, 2009
An act in which a man masturbates on a bed, and just before ejaculating, jumps up and shoots his sticky goo-nuts to a ceiling. Bonus points if the semen dangles from the ceiling and stays there.
"Yo dude. I just barnacled Jimmy's room."
"That's going to suck when he comes home..."
by Justin Herbert January 10, 2009
A municipality in Graham County, Arizona where there is a noted overabundance of Mormon devotees, Mormon churches, Mormon children, Mormon laws, and idiots; usually associated with the Mormon faith.

Alternatively, Safford has a high population of Atheists to combat the idiocy of the LDS cult followers.

Safford is notable for having absolutely nothing, despite being the hub of Eastern Arizona.
"So, what did you think of Safford?"

"Safford is the most God-awful place thanks to the Mormons. They've really messed up the place..."
by Justin Herbert January 17, 2009
The Xbox360 is a gaming console purpose-built to fail miserably at everything except taking your money.

Xbox360 is most commonly used by retards, wife beaters, weeaboos, furries, and douchebags.

Although considered superior by many, its extremely high failure rate, lack of 3rd-party hardware, and lack of high-resolution DVD support render the Xbox360 relatively useless.
"Dude, I just totally punched my wife in the face! Let's play some Halo!" -Average Xbox360 user.
by Justin Herbert April 11, 2009