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Anti-religious person hoping to establish a cult that refutes existense of God.

Usually persons of British heritage masquerading as Australians.

godgobbers godgobbing god-gobber godgobber godbotherer godgobberization godgobbers auzziegob godgobberosis godfrosties godfrosters godfrostypeters frostypeter godfrosts
'Hello mate, Peter here, do you want to sign up up for our campaign against the godgobbers? I know you're English like me, but I've been telling them I'm an Aussie, it's a brilliant plan!' I'm calling it GodGobberAuzzieGobs and it's a great idea.

'No thanks Peter, I'm a real Aussie, who cares about the godgobbers anyway'.
by JustToEasy May 31, 2008
Atheists with an icy view towards religion. godgobbers godgobbing
Peter was enraged at seeing articles written by godgobbers in the newspaper and being a GodFrosty wrote to the editor complaining about godgobbing.
by JustToEasy May 30, 2008
A term given to religious people by a GodFrosty.GodFrosty godgobbers godgobbing
Peter answered a knock on the door and a Mormon tried to give him a pamphlet.

Peter said, “You’ve got GodGobberism, I’m a GodFrosty, go away you GodGobber”.
by JustToEasy May 30, 2008
One of several names given to atheistic Englishmen named Peter, they claim to be Australian, show low intellect, and have problems interacting socially, They are very abusive to people of faith.

GodFrosty GodFrostyAngel GodGobberAuzzieGobs GodGobberism GodGobbing GodFrostyPeter godgobber godgobberausssierosis godgobberization GodGobberist TheProfiler godgobberosis auzziegob god-gobber godbotherer
GodFrostyAngel: “Hello EnglishPeterGob, are you still involved with the GodGobberAuzzieGobs cult?”

EnglishPeterGob: “Get !@#$ed, GodFrostyAngel, all you !@#$ing GodGobbing *^%$s give me the %$*^s! And stop calling me EnglishPeter!, I’m GodFrosty, the original AuzzieGob. So go and get !@#$ed.”

GodFrostyAngel: “OK EnglishPeterGob, The Lord is patient; He is waiting to embrace you.”
by JustToEasy July 10, 2008
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