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Peters who are English, but try to pass as Australians. They lack social graces, and violently abuse religious people.
GodFrosty GodFrostyAngel GodGobberAuzzieGobs GodGobberism GodGobbing GodFrostyPeter godgobber godgobberausssierosis godgobberization GodGobberist TheProfiler godgobberosis auzziegob god-gobber godbotherer
GodFrostAngel: "Hello EnglishPeter, would you like to come to our Bible Study class next week. The Profiler will be there, and he wants to help you?"
EnglishPeter: "Get f~!@ed, you godgobbing c#$t, shove your bible s%^t up your a&*e. And stop calling me EnglishPeter, I'm trying to be an Australian!"
GodFrostyAngel: "I'm sorry Peter, but isn't Peter your name?"
EnglishPeter: "Get f~!@ed, you godgobber!"
by AreYaHearingMe? August 07, 2008
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