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Old guy heading up a group of ‘inquiring young minds’. Teaches them how to use data communication skills to verify ‘correctness’ of individuals. Also freelances to religious entities to target atheistic anarchists with an extreme hatred of any religion.

GodFrosty GodFrostyAngel GodGobberAuzzieGobs GodGobberism GodGobbing GodFrostyPeter godgobber godgobberausssierosis godgobberization GodGobberist
TheProfiler: "Who wants to take on this assignment?"

Sweet Mama: "TheProfiler, I'm already onto it, it looks like Peter the GodFrosty, the main man in the GodGobberAuzzieGob cult is really an English man! We're getting more info on him, I'll keep you posted."

TheProfiler: “Great work Sweet Mama, you’re on to Peter.”
by TheProfiler June 15, 2008

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