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FrostyPeter - (trying to use an Australian accent): “What’s going on, how come ya leavin the GodGobberAuzzieGobs? me mate Satan’s still got heaps of work for us to do against the GodGobbers!”

GodFrostyAngel: “Sorry Peter, the only True Peter is Peter of the Sea of Galilee. He also was a Peter who denounced The Lord, but was born again under His magnificence.”
by Sweet Mama June 11, 2008
A born again Christian who was a former member of the the GodGobberAuzzieGobs cult. Their original faith leads them away from extremism back to their God.
godbotherer godfrosters godfrosties godfrosts GodFrosty godgobber god-gobber GodGobberAuzzieGobs godgobberisms godgobberist godgobberization godgobberosis godgobbers godgobbing
GodFrostyAngel: "Hello FrostyPeter, I'm leaving the GodGobberAuzzieGobs cult. You're to extreme, My Lord has called, I'm going back to the love of Jesus."
FrostyPeter: "That's what happens when you get godgobberosis, stay with me, I will cure you."
GodFrostyAngel: "I'm sorry FrostyPeter, I prefer to be a GodFrostyAngel, I'm devoted to My Lord."
by AreYaListening? August 11, 2008