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The difference between a snowman and a snow-woman.
Winter is nearly over, that snowman's snowballs are melting.
by JustThink4Once December 23, 2010
Delusional and indoctrinated worshiper of mythical all powerful supreme being.
Requires only a 2000 year old work of fiction to assert that they KNOW God exists and have all the proof they need.
There was a knock at the door. Upon opening it I saw 2 suits wrapped around a pair of religious nutters. "Oh, no!", I thought. " More Godmonkeys".
by JustThink4Once December 23, 2010
To assassinate the character of one that brings to light evidence of a governments wrongdoing.

Destroying the messenger so as to introduce questions regarding a persons credibility.
Michael Moore has dared to highlight our governments incompetency. We'd better try and assanginate him.
by JustThink4Once December 23, 2010
Sensitive government information posted on the internet. Proclaimed an act of terrorism in order to detract from the significance of said information.
Another terrorbyte of information was released by Wikileaks today.
by JustThink4Once December 30, 2010
Fit looking woman that promotes dodgy exercise equipment that played no part in their appearance.
Work hard in a real gym. Eat healthy foods in sensible portions for 3 years and you too can be an Ab Circle Ho.
by JustThink4Once December 30, 2010
Viral Twitter submissions regarding the Star Wars movies in the form of Wikileaks revelations.
Darth Vader knew what Luke had bought him for Christmas. Asked where he obtained this information he said "I felt his presents". #Wookieleaks
by JustThink4Once December 23, 2010
Lamenting the demise of America as a true democracy.
Can you believe how repressive America has become?
What the hell happened to our constitution? Man, we are so red, white and through.
by JustThink4Once December 23, 2010

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