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9 definitions by Judy

a flirty smile with a wiggle by a female
intended to get a man's attention.
look at all these babes up in the club
by judy September 17, 2003
39 22
Bugs or crabs that infest the nether regions of people that have seriously bad hygene whether they be male or female.
by Judy February 01, 2004
15 4
A person who is too far beyond the normal dork. They have taken the dorkdum to a whole new level.
Herb is not just a damn dork, he's a dorkus
by judy January 28, 2004
33 29
varnigh is a northern slang for very nearly
you varnigh hit that woman then with that ball
by judy March 15, 2004
3 0
Fatty ass, being fat
thank god for staterbrother's contributing to my fatassedness.
by Judy December 03, 2004
1 1
Another word for Andrew Lee Manson
Andy Manson is broke as hell - REEKS!
by Judy April 06, 2005
2 9
Ya'll got it wrong. Think Elroy Jetson. Pre-Dexter. Gots all the best toys.
"That liquid nitrogen CPU cooler is Elroy."
by Judy February 16, 2004
49 75