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Smiling and giggling at the same time.
When I see someone do something stupid, I smiggle.
by Shaina H. March 31, 2006
73 19
a flirty smile with a wiggle by a female
intended to get a man's attention.
look at all these babes up in the club
by judy September 17, 2003
39 22
A happy expression when a smile and a giggle come together.
My Daddy made me smiggle when he got me a new teddy bear.
by Little Wolfie March 30, 2008
16 5
A word that dirty pirate hookers use in reference to some kind of cuddling act. It is only used by the most obscenely skeezy bitches around, and beyond the comprehension of normal, decent people.
Come over here and give me a smiggle.
by MyVagHasTeefers October 26, 2010
11 9
A cigarette. Commonly used when inebriated.
Hey, bum me a smiggle.
by Patrick A August 20, 2007
7 5
When you smack someone with both hands at once, one on each side of the face, in a smothering motion. Is a huge insult to someone as it makes them look like an idiot, especially if they lose their breath and gasp.
Dude! did you see Charlie Bucket smiggle Willy Wonka!? That was nuts!
by Pete "Meat" November 20, 2007
5 4
The Act Of Smiley & Giggles Coming Together In One Name. Joined, They Are Smiggles. Also, When You Fornicate Someone, You Are SMIGGLING! haha
Kilo: Man I'd Rather Look Like A Turtle Then Have The Name Smiggles haha
Smiley: Nigga Fuck You! Mann. Thats Not My Name.
by GueraDoll* March 11, 2010
1 2