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Any military 'member' in possesion of their very own uterus.
That spit-tail wants on our ship? She's got permission to board my Johnson
by JPac August 09, 2003
Roast Beef Lips. 1)Any chick whose labia(lips) either have a purple-brown tint to them, or hang more than two inches from their clit.
see also Meat Curtains.
2) Any-person who claims they don't know what I'm talking about is a RBL.
Avril Levine, Jenna Jameson, Carot-top
by Jpac August 09, 2003
When I shine a flashlight through my nut-sack, my viens look like the US highways.
Tourist: Where is the closest Starbuck's
Me: Here, come check out the road map, I;ll show you exactly where to take your yuppie, sycophant ass to.
by Jpac August 09, 2003
The way your mom prefers to end our all-night grudge fests, by swallowing MASS amounts of my cum.
Shit your kootchie's so rank, I'm out of here, unless you want to gut my load.
by JPac August 09, 2003
Getting some major head, by some chich with no teeth.
Yah, I told that dick pig to spit out her dentures and give me a smoothie. your grandma's a TOTAL whore
by Jpac August 09, 2003

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