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The act of having sex.
I don't see nothin wrong wit a lil BUMP N GRIND.
by Joshiro007 February 24, 2003
A term used to describe someone who is in a very dangerous situation.

(i.e. If you were walking on a giant razor's edge and fuck up, you either plumet to your death or you slip and land on the razor...getting chopped the fuck up and then raining down below).

Terms with the same meaning include:

"Hear about Chauncey makin out wit Terry's girl las night?"

"Uuuh-huh...That foo be WALKIN ON THE RAZOR's EDGE right dea."
by Joshiro007 February 21, 2003
1. To be state to someone that they got you in a very, VERY bad situation. 2. To tell someone that you totally disagree with them.
1. Man, shit! I let you borrow my card and you maxed that shit out?! Bitch, YOU GOT ME ALL FUCKED UP!!!

2. You think that I'm gonna double date with yo fine-ass girlfriend's fat nasty sista just so the two o you can get out tonight? Man, nigga...YOU GOT ME ALL FUCKED UP!
by Joshiro007 February 15, 2003
1) A title given to a woman of respectful stature.
2) A woman in charge of a prostituting men or women.
by Joshiro007 February 21, 2003
a way to describe things that are awesome.
I hooked up with the DJ last night an she gave me her latest cd. All the tracks on there are BLAZIN!
by Joshiro007 February 12, 2003
Someone who is very good at doing a variety of useful things.
Justin and Sean would be the JACKS-OF-ALL-TRADES up in hurr.
by Joshiro007 February 24, 2003
A girl reference meaning she wanna get fucked hard 2nite.
Cut the chit-chat an jus BREAK MAH BACK!
by Joshiro007 February 21, 2003

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