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Unsuccessful and unrelenting attempts to gain friendship and influence in exchange for tangible and socially desirable accomodations (meals, physical stimulation, stroking, and sexual oriented favors).
1. I know this guy you can call for free tickets. If he doesn't know your really just giving him a Fred bagel, he'll throw in a nice dinner - just pick a restaurant that is really loud so you don't have to hear him talk.
2. I just heard about this Fred bagel from a friend of mine. If you need a place to stay, he'll put you up for as long as you want. My buddy stayed there, and said the "room service" was the best. Afterwards, the Fred bagel continued to call him for weeks on end. Eventually the Fred bagel stopped calling and bad mouthed my buddy to other guys. My buddy then called the Fred bagel again and ended up getting a free round of golf. Nice!
3. (verb form): Dude, I just threw him a Fred bagel. I had him buy me lunch, he blew me, then I told him to piss-off. Now he thinks we're friends.
by Josh-Mark February 06, 2009
1. A large intact bowel movement that follows a period of constipation. 2. Oversized excrement from the bowels. 3. A condition of the bowels in which the feces are very large and hardened and evacuation is difficult.
The proctologist warned Robert that due to a rather sensitive digestive system, the consumption of chorizo is likely to result in constipation and Fred Heads.
My break is coming up and I'm looking forward to dropping a few Fred Heads; what follows is always pure euphoria.
by Josh-Mark March 06, 2009
The act or process (specifically performed by a homosexual or bi-sexual Asian male on another male of non-specific race, origin, health status, age, physical or mental state, hair color, skin color, height, potential deformity, or stench), of performing oral sexual stimulation on a male's penis, and projecting the excreted ejaculatory fluids from the nostrils as a result of a natural gag reflex, or voluntary response.
1. Larry is well known for his intellectual abilities, and for performing flaming dragons at the glory hole behind the archery range.
2. After sucking on deformed cocks, he attracted an audience by performing a flaming dragons into his vodka tonic.
by Josh-Mark March 23, 2009

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