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some one who is a part of the "ITTY BITTY TITTY COMITTIY"
in other words, very small breasts.
god, that bitch is flat chested.
by Josh O August 18, 2004
Comes from the fatjoe and terror squad song named "LEAN BACK", a way of dancing while not actually dancing, just pulling up your pants and leaning back.
my n*****s dont dance, we just pull up our pants, and "Lean Back"
by Josh O August 11, 2004
some one with a very extensive amount of pubic hair. resembeling a black forest!
devon has a black forest
by Josh O August 18, 2004
some one who likes to snack on dicks twenty four fucking seven.
that bitch is a dick cruncher mayne.
dedicated to my buddy laura
by Josh O August 18, 2004
comes from the root word crunk, means "really crunk"
Yo, that girl aint just crunk, shes crunkalicious!
by Josh O August 11, 2004
an ediot or a moron. a real stupid mofo.
Damn, your such a fucking jizzenberry.
by Josh O August 18, 2004
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