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A pariguayo is Dominican slang for a guy thats all talk and no action. Someone who is full of shit. A punk, poser, bull shitter, etc.
Oye,tu si habla mierda.Tu lo que es un tremendo pariguayo.
by Jose Luis Lopez September 01, 2006
Culo cagao is literally a shitty ass. Someone who hasn't even learned how to wipe their ass yet. It describes a person with lack of experience.
That bitch looks good as hell pero es un culo cagao, too young.
by Jose Luis Lopez August 31, 2006
A polvo actually means powder but is Dominican slang for a nut. Like busting a nut.
Tengo una bellaquer ensima, voy tener que echar un polvo.

Im horny as hell, I gotta bust a nut.
by Jose Luis Lopez August 31, 2006
The bugaron in a sexual encounter between two males is the one giving, sticking. A maricon is the one being fucked or receiving. A bugaron is not necessarily a maricon, but is definately one nasty mother fucker.
Alex fue a la carce y se hiso un bugaron.
by Jose Luis Lopez September 01, 2006
Dominican slang for wetback. Literally means wet. Someone who just got to the states. Said like they just washed ashore. Someone that is out of tune with the way things work around here.
Damn you stupid or something, tiene que ser un mojao.
by Jose Luis Lopez August 31, 2006
Mongui is short for mongolo. The spanish word for mongoloid, a person affected with down syndrome.
When somebody does something really stupid and/or retarded,you would call them a mongui. Damn Alex, you're so stupid, fucking mongui.
by Jose Luis Lopez August 31, 2006

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