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A greeting used by old ecentric irish ministers.
1st young minister: top of the morning to ya*tips hat*
2nd old minister: pip-pip da doodly-doo
1st minister: huh?
by Jonny sheridan January 02, 2008
word used to describe a person who has exceptional soccer skills.
Alan:*dribbles round his opponents,feints the keeper an scores!!!!*
Guy: man that guy is skilladinho!
by Jonny sheridan January 03, 2008
When a mad person is not happy with you he will take you out
I was slagging this girl and it turns out her father is mad. He is going to have me clipped
by Jonny Sheridan December 20, 2013
word used to desribe somthing.......thats just basically huge or of massive importance.
sully:uuuuhhhhh,my belly
jessica:wats wrong wit u know?
sully:uh,i need a shit.........of epic proportions!
by Jonny sheridan January 05, 2008

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