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shoes worn by us because ya'll can't rock them right
Only crunk niggas wear them
by JONATHAN April 28, 2004
Someone who craves, and usually gets, attention. Widely considered freaks mushi (not mushus) are a threat to our society. See Carnage Blender
Mushu is acting like an idiot today....let us slap him with a variety of fish
by Jonathan July 07, 2004
real blood killas
i got dem new reeboks (rbk), real blood killas
by Jonathan March 20, 2004
shit, poop, caca, #2, etc..
Man! That burrito really made me have to go fwah!!!
by Jonathan August 29, 2002
commonly refers to the DESERT EAGLE .50 pistol invented in the 80's by Magnum Research Incorporated.
The DEagle fires a half inch slug that can do serious damage to human body tissue or can puncture armor such as Kevlar.
I need a powerful handgun so I will buy a Desert to smoke them fools at my smoke.
by jonathan May 01, 2004
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