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12 definitions by Jon Reed

Dave Navarro and John Frusciante were both huge heroin addicts.
by Jon Reed November 22, 2006
34 29
In progress, something that is in the process of being completed.
Stephanie: u can have jessika
JR: fuck no
Stephanie: she asked wut was wrong with her
Stephanie: she wants a whole list
JR: its in the mail
by Jon Reed July 31, 2006
7 3
Syrup, like for pancakes.
"pass over that tree sauce"
by Jon Reed March 05, 2007
4 1
When somebody strikes out after being pitched two strikes and four balls
The Indians just got robbed cause the up called a cincinnati strikeout
by Jon Reed June 08, 2007
2 8
What life is, and you have to deal with it.
Life's a shit sandwich, eat or starve.
by Jon Reed October 29, 2006
31 37