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Coversational putty, used mainly on IRC to smoothen the flow of chat. Can be used to acknowledge another person's speech, while not actually responding to it. Can also be used as an equivalent of throat-clearing, indicating that you have something to say which will follow afterward.
<Jimbo> so I just said forget it and went home
<Ace> heh
<harley> heh

<llama> heh
<llama> you guys won't believe what just happened
by Jon November 26, 2003
See dirt, scumbucket.
My landlord is an IRS.
by Jon August 11, 2004
OK, I'm Argentinian people, here's the real deal: Che is actually used mostly in Buenos Aires, the capitol. It's not true slang, it's just a word used in Argentina. Slang is more common in the inland regions, like Cordoba. Che means either "hey" or "buddy", or simply "hey, buddy."
Che! Me gusto su chaqueta.
by Jon July 13, 2005
The middle male in a threesome. Implies middle guy is fucking one person while getting fucked by another.
the first is receiving the second and the second is receiving from the third then the second man is called the lucky pierre.
by Jon January 02, 2004
NOS is the acronym for New Old Stock. It's an item that is old, but ios not used. Since it never sold, it's technically "new" even though it may be several years old.
1967 Plymouth Barracuda Antenna. Chrysler made them and distributed them to Retailers. Stock was left over after they stopped making the cars.
by Jon September 23, 2003
The term that states that some people DON’T like California, and California is NOT what many people think it is.
Fuck California and all of its lies.
by Jon March 14, 2005
The emotional barrier a chick puts up when you hit on her. Like when she is by herslelf at the club.
Persistance breaks the bitch shield.
by Jon March 26, 2005

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