5 definitions by Johnny Cash

The best fucking rock band ever.
They came, they rocked, they conquered.
by Johnny Cash September 12, 2003
American slang for numerical term "hundred".
The monthly rent for my new condo is only cost $6 hundo.

Yesterday, I benched 2 hundo.
by Johnny Cash April 23, 2003
1) pedifile; 2) sleezebag of Italian-American origin, usually habitates the Northeastern United States.
1) R. Kelly was caught on tape having intercourse with a teen-aged girl. He is being charged with 4 counts of Buttafuocoism.

2) I hate that shithead guido, he's such a Buttafuoco.

by Johnny Cash April 29, 2003
Po' White Trash
Damn, that Joe Dirt is one serious Shiflett.
by Johnny Cash April 29, 2003
a very well design and blown glass bong approx. 2 and a half feet tall that completely destroys the shit out of you!!
head got soo fucked up from hittin the unit last night
by johnny cash April 08, 2005

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