An increment of 100 dollars. Normally used when reffering to spending habits.
That guy just dropped mad hund-o's like the b-bomb in vegas.
by JCap November 05, 2003
American slang for numerical term "hundred".
The monthly rent for my new condo is only cost $6 hundo.

Yesterday, I benched 2 hundo.
by Johnny Cash April 23, 2003
Short for hundred, as seen on Tim and Eric
One hundo a day, that's 5 hundo a week, We'll be rich.
by starshipvelcro February 01, 2010
An increment of 100 dollars. Used normally in Las Vegas by the "b-bomb."
That dude just dropped mad hund-o's! Just like the b-bomb in vegas.
by Jcap November 17, 2003
the southern ontario term for

hundred dollar bill.
"I only do ma nina widda hundo."
by DiivaCrepesSuzette. July 07, 2009
1.Can be used as a term to agree with said question or statement.

2. A term to express the level of happiness they are feeling at that moment
Guy1: Hey, you going to give that girl the old poke

Guy2: Hundo!

Girl1: Do you have an extra Tampon that I can use, I left mine at home

Girl2: Yeah, Here you go

Girl2: Hundo!
by Lucian Demelocamp January 30, 2012
Pertaining to the action of getting a 100% on an Honors Chemistry test. There are many forms of the "hundo" including but not limited to the sketchy hundo, fake hundo, and the famous dirty hundo. In a situation where you would get over 100%, the amount after the hundo must be spoken in french. Ex. Tommy: Yo you got a 103%? Kirby: Nah i got a hundotrois.
Jeff: Yo Cpt. Kirb, what did you get on the chem test it was so hard

Kirby: Ya know i thought i messed up the essay questions but i somehow was able to pull out the dirty hundo!
by tmaraaaaaaaaaa March 25, 2010

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