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A fake ass Spanish word Jay-Z uses to reference himself in his lyrics. Since he dubbed himself 'Jay-Hova', he decided to add -ito at the end to make it Spanglish.
"Hola' Hovito! That's what they sayin' when I roll up wit my people."
by Johnesia July 05, 2005
adj. a word used describe someone you dislike very much, whereas one derogatory term just isn't enough

syn. heifer-bitch, hobitch, skanky-bitch, etc.
Girl 1: Come on, we about to go whup Loquecia's ass!!

Girl 2: What's up? I thought she was your gurl.

Girl 1: That heiferbitch is skeemin on my man, so it's ON!!!
by Johnesia July 07, 2005
n. when someone (usually a dude) has a short haircut or shaved head, revealing the meaty rows of his scalp which travel towards the back of the head
Hint: It looks very much like cornrows, but with skin.
You need to grow your bush back out boo; you got some serious headrows going on.
by Johnesia July 07, 2005
n. an insult used to describe a weave where various colors are used; in most cases, the victim is classless and doesn't realize that the rainbow weave is a common fashion faux pas
1: OMG!
2: What?
3: Girl, you hair is brown, but your weave is jet black (blonde, red). You got yourself a rainbow weave.

(To be admissible as a rainbow weave nominee, the weave must be of a natural looking color, not just a ghetto weave that is pink, blue, purple, etc.)
by Johnesia July 07, 2005
An alternative to 'ass'; often used in places where profanity is not acceptable i.e. work, church, etc.
You are such an arse!!
by Johnesia July 05, 2005
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