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A person that is persistingly annoying you. The derivation of the word comes from a ho that was acting like a bitch. A ho that acts like a bitch is annoying, therefore, a hobitch is an annoying person that is quite bothersome and pestering.
Hey Bro, stop acting like a hobitch. You'd be lucky to get any pussy. Don't be so selective.
by ajppds March 10, 2008
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A bitch that is also a hoe. Someone that has been acting pussy lately.
You's a hobitch, son. Step up the plate instead of talking.
by ~Smoqe~ November 26, 2002
The combination of a ho and a bitch. A ho-bitch is a total whore who is also controlling.
Dude that slut is such a ho-bitch!
by You suck butt YO!!!!!! May 28, 2009
Someone who has failed to move on with their lives to properly raise their child. No long term goals. Low income. Usually qualifies for earned income credit due to low income and constant tax exemption. Overweight, obsessive, compulsive, chain smoker. Get pregnant to try to trap men into marrying them or getting them to stay in their lives. Insanely jealous of others around them who can and do provide better lives. Frequently makes up illnesses for self and children in and around them to seek attention.
LOOK IN THE MIRROR; If the shoe fits-wear it; Apples don't fall far from the tree; "Ho-Bitch"
by Love0987654321 March 03, 2011
A degrating name for your mother.
"Your Ho Bitch is so loose, it's like throwing a hotdog down a hallway."
by Diandra April 14, 2006
a sexy orgasmic bitch who only wants sex from you.
Girl: Have Sex with me motherfucker!!!
Man: Screw you, horny HOBITCH!!!!!!!
Also see bitch
by BadAssMoFoe March 07, 2009
Degrading nickname for shortest member of your grooup of friends.
hey hobitch wanna go see a movie?
by xxoo May 15, 2003

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