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Skeemin, adj. to play a guy or a girl.
That girl showed up to my room at 3 in the mornin, you know she was skeemin.

That guy has been in 3 different beds in 2 nights, he was skeemin like mad, man.
by Blueguy April 21, 2006
v. intr.
A secret or devious plan created by a shady person.
I shoulda knowed dat crazy skeeza was skeemin tuh git in muh wallet.
by KingBastard September 16, 2003
1. "Skeem" One's specific unique style.

2. "Skeemin'" To contemplate one's style.
1. Look at that brother's color scheme, he's Skeemin' !
by Legion Family April 26, 2015
Plotting or scheming to get something or someone, usually with the intention of seeming innocuous. Doing or saying things specifically to get with someone, usually sexual. Hardcore mackin on someone to the extent of seeming sketchy or excessive.
That guy is mad skeemin on you, keeps sendin drinks over.

That lunchbox is totally skeemin on ma pizza, I can see him eyin it from here.

Yer totally skeemin on that dude, all up on his balls.

Man, he's totally skeemin for your number.
by ptree March 25, 2008
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