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A way to excuse oneself from conversation when one needs to take a shit; discretely referencing the color of President Obama and his family.
Eight-Foot Cock in Sunglasses: "Whoops, excuse me gents - I'm getting paged by the White House."
Pussy McGee: "I don't get it."
Thirty-Pound Satchel: "He babysits the Obama girls. He's gotta drop 'em off at the pool."
Pussy McGee: "That is some seriously subtle racism."
Thirty-Pound Satchel: "And how."
by John, A Goat from Space February 07, 2011
Blatantly walking into oncoming traffic, especially taxis or other drivers under severe time constraints, with an open palm facing outward and an utter disregard for one's own life, thus forcing the drivers to make the choice between a rage-induced aneurysm or vehicular manslaughter.
Pussy McGee: "Careful, there's a taxi coming!"
Eight-Foot Cock in Sunglasses: "Fuck it, I'll just give 'em a New York Stop Sign."
by John, A Goat from Space February 07, 2011
One who slays many pussies; a libertine.
Pussy McGee: "Man, that dude crushes more snatch than a Guy Ritchie hater."
Eight-Foot Cock in Sunglasses: "Yeah, he's a real cat murderer."
by John, A Goat from Space February 07, 2011
One who invites oneself to partake in your weed, especially right as you light a freshly-packed bowl; a hybrid of cannabis and bowl and a homophone of cannibal.

Someone who Bogarts your bowl.
Pussy McGee: Yo, is that OG Kush? Let me hit that!
Eight-Foot Cock In Sunglasses: Fuck off you cannibowl.
by John, A Goat From Space February 20, 2011
A pedophile's meat.
Creepapotamus: "Have a sip from the Fountain of Youth, baby."
by John, A Goat from Space November 04, 2011
A female's internal menstrual clock; specifically relating to a man soliciting sex.
Captain BlueBalls: "Hey honey, what time does your twatch say?"
She-Bitch the Emasculator: "No go babe, Alabama's playing in town this weekend."
by John, A Goat from Space February 07, 2011

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