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4 definitions by JoeNJ2

The people at work who pretty much spend all day in the bathroom.
Man these bathrooms are always full! What are you people,professional shitters?
by JoeNJ2 February 26, 2011
The level between a man and a woman he possibly may desire.
I most likely can't get her...1)She's got a better job than me, 2)She's too good looking, 3)She's married, 4)She just had a baby. Those are the levels of impossibility I'd have to get through to even get her attention.
by JoeNJ2 July 06, 2011
The guilt your fucking wife tries laying the foundation for before you even do anything.
"If you're going to go fishing next weekend instead of going out with me then I guess I know where your priorities are then"...etc etc. pre-guilt
by JoeNJ2 June 04, 2011
The seat you finally get on a crowded bus or restaurant waiting area,than a handicapped or old person comes in and you then feel obligated to give that seat up.
Guilt seat
by JoeNJ2 February 26, 2011