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A female that really like to take it in the ass.
Her ass swollowed my cock with ease. She was a real anal queen.
by Joe January 02, 2005
"no you"
"your gay"
by joe December 02, 2003
Bedn=Josh Bednowski. Josh Bednowski is a computer hacker that hacked a bunch of NG (newgrounds) accounts. His username on NG is Illicit_Jmbd. He also once took a trip to see Tom and Wade Fulp (creators of Newgrounds.com). Other little internet geeks look at him as an idol and call him 1337 or teh hotzors.
OMG liek bedn is teh sexy.


Look at that, its Josh Bedn, the internet geek.
by Joe January 12, 2005
two fat people attempting 69
aww sick i just downloaded a video of 88
by joe November 24, 2003
Best versatile guitarist around. He can play anything.
Marty has played Pop to Metal and is a great instrumentalist. Just listen to the album "True Obsessions".
by joe March 11, 2005
When the penis goes up into the vagina letting sperm find the eggs often causing pregnancy. Sex usually happens in the closet or anywhere when people from the opposite sex or same sex are "horny" see horny for detials.
erwin dreams of having sex.
by joe November 18, 2003
Bellingham, WA Last major town on the west coast before hitting Canada. This place has more serial killers than black people.
Take the offramp up here in Bellingham, I need to take a leak.
by joe December 24, 2003
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