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A lot of effort or not worth the effort. To do a long task would be a trek
'But my house is long'
'Yeah and getting there is a bit of a trek'
by Joe July 02, 2004
Final Fantasy 6(also known as FF6, FFVI, or Final Fantasy VI) is considered to be one of the best video games ever made. It was originally released by Squaresoft for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System(SNES) in 1994, it was later re-released for the Sony Playstation(PS) in 1999 under the title Final Fantasy Anthologies. This game is computerized role playing game(RPG), based in a fantasy world. The game gathers more than a dozen characters from around the world to battle against a power hungry empire. The music is this game is legendary, and the villian Kefka is a favorite with many gamers.
FF6 was one of the most succesfull Squaresoft games.
by Joe February 26, 2005
A "jar" of 100 Ecstacy pills
My man just got a jar in last week. He's gotta get rid of all that X quick.
by Joe August 28, 2004
1. A modern day rite of passage where boys become men. World of Warcraft is a game for over-achievers who find life too easy and need more of challenge than what their daily routine provides. 2. A dosage of reality for certain relationships. A way for girlfriends to discover their true worth. These unfortunate ones must remember that anger and lashing out is the first step to recovery.
Learn to dance like a female Nightelf from World of Warcraft, THEN we'll talk. Till then don't come out of the kitchen.
by Joe February 10, 2005
1. Doofimizm used only by fully edgymicated presidents when their teleprompters are busted or they are feeling kinda smart or when they wants to show all them handlers at the white house just who's really in charge around here.
I must have misunderestimated all them nuculer bombs and them weapons of mass disappearance in that there eye rack.
by JOE August 26, 2003
"no you"
"your gay"
by joe December 02, 2003
Hilarity in womens clothes. Not to be confused with a fucking wierdo transvetite.
Has the illusion that everything looks like a huge upside-down squirrel. Fluent in virtualy every language known to man (or woman).
"if youv'e never seen an elephant on skis then you've never been on acid,"
by Joe December 05, 2004

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