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The way the letters are arranged on the Qwerty keyboard
qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm instead of abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz?
by Joe September 28, 2004
A cloth or rag used as a tampon, etc. Gross, but likely more accurate.
Wha' dee Bum-Bah-CLOT! Cum nah, get dee rass off me car?
by Joe April 07, 2003
definately not the greatest movie int he world.. but definately good in a gay sort of way..
i watched amelie after my boys left and i had no more weed and it was pretty good.. then they came back and we watched the 4 oclock game
by joe December 07, 2004
1. Man - A word used to address another, particularly in america.

2. Man - Human Being
1. "Dude, man, like, that dude over there just totally rocks, man.

2. "There is a man named Charlie who will meet you at the dock, give this money to him."
by Joe February 21, 2005
TOTAL LOSER!!!! Biggest loser in school, no style at all
That girl looks like Mairead
by joe February 18, 2005
On the internet - To view a full size image linked from a thumbnail or smaller image.
"Click to embiggen" or "Clicky to embiggen"
by Joe November 23, 2004
Mastermind of the Republican party.
Karl Rove is my hero
by Joe November 30, 2004

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