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A number that is a 1 followed by a double googol of zeros.
I got my credit card bill, it was almost a yawho.
#googol #number #infinity #double googol #googolplex #science
by Joe Iron February 09, 2008
The Big W, is a nickname for Whiting, IN. used by the refinery construction workforce that relocated from Texas to work on the expansion of the oil refinery. The construction workers started referring to Whiting as the Big W. The nickname is derived from the nickname of Dallas which is known as the Big D
Let's celebrate the fourth of July in the Big W.

I need some money bad, so I'm going to The Big W to for a few months.
#whiting #region #indiana #chicago #hammond #delta #carting
by Joe Iron August 18, 2007
A nickname for Whiting, Indiana predominently used by the rest of Lake County and Chicago. The nickname orginated in the 1960s when the counterculture youth of the area were expressing their feelings of displeasure to the amount of religous zealotry in the town. This was evident to the counterculure by the number of churches that dotted the skyline.
Hey, let's go to Heaven and celebrate the 4th of July there.
#region #whiting #indiana #hammond #chicago #july #independence #4th
by Joe Iron June 07, 2007
A girl's car. An automobile specifically designed to be driven and owned by girls. Usually small and easy to park.
My brother was going to buy a Honda Fit but my dad told him it was a chicamobile and talked him out of it.
#cars #automobiles #girls #girl's #chica #chicks
by Joe Iron March 16, 2008

A sarcastic term to describe a male youth who is a little tp arrogant.
Tell the King of Bacci Park turn his radio down.
#whiting #hammond #delta #region #chicago #indiana
by Joe Iron August 11, 2007
The intersection of 119th Street and Indianapolis Blvd. Do to its proximity to Chicago, during the 1930s this was one of the busiest intersections in the country. There was once the architectural landmark of the Illiana Hotel but it was demolished during the early 90s. The only remenant of its long vibrant history is one of the orginal White Castles. Even though the term is used sarcastically by young people in their twenties, there are remenents of truth in it.
Hey lets go hang out at the Center of the Universe.
#whiting #hammond #chicago #region #carting #delta
by Joe Iron May 19, 2007
People with money. Live in the suburbs or in nice downtown condos.
I had to quit dating that bourgeoisie chick, I couldn't afford it.

That bourgeoisie kid in class just got a new BMW.

#whiting #delta #carting #indiana #region #sex #class #chicago
by Joe Iron February 01, 2008
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