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People with money. Live in the suburbs or in nice downtown condos.
I had to quit dating that bourgeoisie chick, I couldn't afford it.

That bourgeoisie kid in class just got a new BMW.

by Joe Iron February 01, 2008
A nickname for the mazda miata implying that it's a girl's car.
My sister in college just bought a she-ata.
by Joe Iron March 16, 2008
A neighbor who does things that are very bad for the neighborhood. Such as living in the city and have farm animals or cutting down a tree in a way as to have the tree fall into someone else yard and then having the person whose yard it fell into responsible for removal of the tree.
Good Neighbor just got some chickens to go along with the goats.

The sherriff went to talk to Good Neighbor about his tree in my yard. He said he isn't going to do a thing about it and the sherriff can't do a thing.
by Joe Iron March 28, 2008
A regular automobile such as a Honda Accord or a Toyota Camry. The name refers not to the safety of the car but to the fact that the people driving them don't really live. They are already dead.

My mom wanted to buy a coffin but my dad would let her.
by Joe Iron February 16, 2008
This nickname from at least the 1960's for the intersection of Calumet Ave, Indianapolis Blvd and 114th St in Whiting, Indiana. The reason for the nickname is there are five intersections meeting at that point.
There was another shooting down at the bar by Five Points.

I wrecked the Delta when I spun out and hit the fence down at Five Points.
by Joe Iron March 16, 2008
A very short haircut for young males almost appearing bald. Shorter even than the legendary butch haircut of the 60s. Usually worn in the summer by active tweens.
I took my son to the barber, he got a Dali Lama.
by Joe Iron June 07, 2007

A mentor to young males who typically is a small time criminal who has done time on the county farm. Often, he gives teenage males guidance on automobile mechanics, bodywork and small time criminal knowledge, such as sleeping with your eyes open.
Kids today have MTV to show them how to be men, all we had was Imam and Buddy.

I heard Buddy got arrested, he's in jail down in Florida.
by Joe Iron May 24, 2007

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