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A girl's car. Majority of the time fags buy this vehicle to make them look pretty, mostly stanced cause they have no power. They fit in the street cred category with Honda civics. A poor man's S2000.
"I drive a Lexus 350 what do you drive?","Drive a roadster.", "nice! What an s2k?!" "No a Mazda miata, mx5." "oh.."
by tuchsuya April 03, 2014
A plastic vagina on wheels, usually bought by middle aged men experiencing a mid-life crisis. This car is a glorified matchbox car, and anyone seen driving this abomination to manhood should be flipped off with extreme prejudice. Especially if the top is down.
I bought a Mazda Miata because that's all I could afford.
by xXxXchicken/beefXxXx June 14, 2014
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