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47 definitions by Joe Iron

A term used by establishment baby boomers to convince naive people that they are outsiders.
Hillary : Barack's the establishment candidate.
by Joe Iron February 08, 2008
An old mainframe phrase from at least the 80s, meaning when things appear automatically like magic. Typically used with netview and JES2 automatic commands.
I put the start of that batch cobol job in JES2 start commands, that job will start automagically every morning at 2:30.
by Joe Iron May 04, 2007
A reaction to the liberal governmet of Whiting, IN in the early 21th century, American Youth for a Freer America reformed to the neo-conservative Whiting Militia. The Whiting Militia had accumulated more than 30 tons of Military equipment but was unable to create a viable opposition to the radical liberal government of Whiting.
Dude: The first rule of Whiting Militia is you don't talk about Whiting Militia. The second rule of Whiting Militia is you don't talk about Whiting Militia.
by Joe Iron May 24, 2007
A nickname for Forsyth Park in the Robertsdale area of Hammond, Indiana. Surprisingly many people in the 46394 zip code are unaware of the real name of Forsyth Park.
When i was a kid we used to play knock-hockey at four side park.

I quit running in four side park after someone in a car threw a beer can at me.
by Joe Iron May 22, 2007
A regular automobile such as a Honda Accord or a Toyota Camry. The name refers not to the safety of the car but to the fact that the people driving them don't really live. They are already dead.
My mom wanted to buy a coffin but my dad would let her.
by Joe Iron February 15, 2008
To add slang, phrases and sayings to www.urbandictionary.com to let people know what you thought and talked about at one time.

Leave me alone, I'm documenting our culture.
by Joe Iron January 31, 2008
An IBM mainframe operating system. Sort of like a dying language, in use but dying a long slow death.

Also means a dinosaur.

Nothing sadder than an old MVS guy still looking for a gig.

That guy working behind the counter at McDonalds is an old MVS guy.
by Joe Iron January 20, 2008