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A white male genital erection.
Hey woman, sit on my bonedaddy.
by Jkizzle October 10, 2004
Pornographic material directed around Africans engaging in sexual activity.
Man I be lovin' dat niggapone! Pimp pa pimp pimp..pimp...I'm addicted to ho's, I love money, cars, and clothes......mothafucka! Dat girl big ol booty poppin booty poppin.
by Jkizzle October 11, 2004
The effect of THC entering the bloodstream through means of smoking marijuana.
When you smoke lotsa lotsa greeny green, you get stonedaddy.
by Jkizzle October 10, 2004
A girl with a big booty..not necessarily a "ho.." It just goes well.
Should not be used as an insult, but in a friendly, joking kind of way.
As she leaned over the pool table to take her shot, Abbi yelled, "Big Booty Ho!"
by JKizzle November 06, 2003
to want the penis badly
Wow Mike Weiss LOVES DICK!
by JKizzle December 01, 2003
A ghetto ass old black woman, one who loves to talk in jibberish.
That niggas granny is a juju.
by Jkizzle October 10, 2004

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