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a fake knockoff of the "hummer" built on a gmc truck platform, it comes nowhere near to the real hummer
"dude i got a h2 yesterday, its my favorite hummer"
"its not a hummer"
"yes it is, it has the same name"
by Jimt September 16, 2004
hated, often bullied animal. frequent target of people with shotguns
"dude, it must really suck to be a clay pidgeon"
"yeah, they get shot at more than a cracker in harlem"
by jimt October 20, 2004
The clay aching is a cop-wap manuver where the male proceeds to smack a hoe in the face with his large erect wang... therefore leaving his clay (and her face) aching
"Dude, your moms a hoe"
"dude, no she isnt"
"C'mon man, i have her a clay achin last night, and she liked it"
"oh shit, my mom really is a hoe"
by Jimt September 16, 2004
code for "HELP ME I CANT GET LAID" used by computer geeks worldwide
"yo dude you are so 1337"
"shut up man your more 1337 than me"
by Jimt September 16, 2004
what all white people are.

however ther is no such thing as black rascism... see naacp or rap artist under the category of artistic expression or affirmative action
"dude, there's a group of african-americans on the corner, they should get a job"
"yo son, that cracker is always up in our grill about gettin a job, why dont he back up off my grill afore i bust a cap in his taxpayin ass"
by Jimt September 16, 2004
as said by the best man ever
"A strange sport played by damaged people"
<robin williams
by Jimt September 16, 2004
penis enlarger for people under the age of 15
obscenely loud and obnoxious, especially because the little bastards wake up at the ass-crack of dawn
"hey i just got my really cool 44cc goped the other day, its real fast"
"i hope it will make up for your lack of penis"
by Jimt September 16, 2004

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