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A large and heavy book, usually a Java or other programming language guide, that is used by an angry programmer to smack people over the head with while angry, or all the time.
Java-boy: "Hmmmm, I don't know what's wrong with my program."
Some Guy: "Cause you're a noob(see: n00b)."
by Jimmi April 11, 2005
searching an innocent word in google images and finding porn.
i searched "ink blot" and got stewie'd.
by Jimmi April 07, 2005
Invented by Jeff Mcrae (see: Jeff Mcrae), "Whadda ya need help for?" is the ultimate act of humor in a computer class/lab. While someone works on a computer, reach over and press the F1 key (or other Help File hot key) to open the program's help menu, while saying "Whadda ya need help for?" in a sarcastic manner.
Also, there is a delayed "Whadda ya need help for?" This is done when the user is away from the computer and F1 is pressed. When the user gets back, often moving the mouse out from a screen saver, the Help File/Menu is open, and the "Jeff Mcrae" says "Whadda ya need help for?"

"Whadda ya need help for?" is often used in conjunction with zings.
Andrew: *Working on the computer, turns head to the left*

Jeff(from the right): *Runs up and presses F1 and runs away laughing* "Whadda ya need help for?!~!?"

Andrew: "Bastard!!"
by Jimmi April 11, 2005
the passing of gas.
Jimmi sure cracked a mean flat.
I've been cracking flats all day.
Bob flatted on Jens thigh.
by Jimmi September 08, 2003
a nasty pussy, usually puss filled and very irratable.
That bitch wanted me to eat that, fukin yeasty.
by Jimmi December 07, 2002
"Preachers Kid" Usually the dirtiest most grimiest mother fuckers on the face of the earth.
Chalie Manson is a P.K.
by Jimmi December 07, 2002
Slang term used for anything to do with semen in the realm of computer users. The term is generally pronounced "gooey"
Teacher: "Ok, so I'm teach you guys how to make a GUI screen."

Student: "Oh I make gooey screens all the time."

Teacher: "Oh great, then you can show the class how to- aaawwwww. We don't need to hear that..."
by Jimmi May 31, 2005

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