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Meaning something so amazing and satisfying in every single way that it figuartively gives someone a tingling sensation in a male's genital region where blood will flow into the crotch region and give an erection also known as a boner.

First used by a Mr. Young in the Summer days of 2006 this controversial word was stolen by Family Guy and made popular. When at first deciding to sue the show for all it was worth. He decided not to when he realized that he didn't really know how. He now lives with his parents and plays RPGs on his laptop all day long thinking about the boneriffic life he could've had.
Smith: "Those glasses look pretty nice."

Garth: "Are they boneriffic?"

Straight man: "Dude that chick is hott!"

Straighter man: "She is definetly boneriffic"
by JimJabJibbers January 02, 2009
The last name of a long line of mammoth warriors. Often known for slaying medieval gnome zombies. The present family is now the Pacific Northwest's official lawfirm for victims of bear and/or pony assaults.
Frank: Dude I was mauled by a bear riding a pony!

Mitch: That sucks. You should get hold of the Faulstick law firm. They'll help you out. And that's a bond Frank, a bond that sucks on the chocolately nipple of time.
by JimJabJibbers September 09, 2008
Once sitting behind rebellious youngsters in the sixth grade he was kicked out of grade school on the last day when it was discovered he had massive amounts of bestiality porn stored on his computer in Beginning Advance Typing class. He stands 6' 4" has one leg, a flock of seagulls haircut and a 1986 Twisted Sister Tour T-shirt. Also it should be noted, he has had no less than three sex changes. If you see this man have him arrested for he could rape your pet chinchilla. And that would be very very bad.
"Edward Sanders reportedly was shot with shot a .50 cal. magnum revolver loaded with baby hamsters, he then burst into flames and crashed through a window and blew up the entire parking complex, and may or may not have lived."
by JimJabJibbers January 02, 2009
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