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Meaning something so amazing and satisfying in every single way that it figuartively gives someone a tingling sensation in a male's genital region where blood will flow into the crotch region and give an erection also known as a boner.

First used by a Mr. Young in the Summer days of 2006 this controversial word was stolen by Family Guy and made popular. When at first deciding to sue the show for all it was worth. He decided not to when he realized that he didn't really know how. He now lives with his parents and plays RPGs on his laptop all day long thinking about the boneriffic life he could've had.
Smith: "Those glasses look pretty nice."

Garth: "Are they boneriffic?"

Straight man: "Dude that chick is hott!"

Straighter man: "She is definetly boneriffic"
by JimJabJibbers January 02, 2009
GLEE, AS PERTAINING TO BONERS AND RIFFIC SHIT...not just sexual, just killer!
Sabrina didn't realize that when I said boneriffic, I wasn't talking about her body, but about the waves...that said, she is still BONERIFFIC!
by sandspit November 04, 2009
Something so good that you figuratively get a boner
That food we just ate was boneriffic
by chris battaglia January 05, 2008
1. Something so hot/sexy, it gives you a boner
2. A word used to suprise/make people scared to get out of something
1. Dude, that chick is so fucking boneriffic!
2. <Bully> Where's your lunch money?
<Mark> Boneriffic! *runs away*
<Bully> What the hell?
by PyroPenguin December 01, 2003
A term used when a male sees a image that causes him to get a boner or "erection".
hey man did you see that girl last night, she was boneriffic.
by iameric September 07, 2010
An adjective to describe an attractive woman.

Synonym: Bonertastic
That chick is boneriffic!
by uslessly offensive words January 30, 2010
a really fine looking woman
DAAAAAAAAAMN! that chick was Boneriffic

see:I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers, or Jessica Alba
by Wingfield February 25, 2008

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