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A bitch man is an effeminate, servile husband or boyfriend that takes all the crap his bitchwife wants to throw his way. Pussy whipped husbands, more than willing to be abused by their bitchmistress.
I couldn't believe how those elephants were trashing their bitch men.
by Jim Inman August 17, 2006
An asshacker is a yuppy fag, cruising the bar scene, who tries to pick-up on straight guys.
"Naw, we quit goin to Strange Willie's. The place has been taken over by asshackers."

" She is cute as a button, queer as Amelia Earhardt, and that asshacker Robert has her back."
by Jim Inman August 17, 2006
A butthacker is a homosexual male who cruises the straight bar scene, trying to pick-up on straight men. A pain in the ass (No pun intended). asshacker, shithacker, butt fly,
We used to go to Strange Willies, but not any more, the place is over-run with butthackers. Butthacker lounge
by Jim Inman August 31, 2006
Ballast is a friendly reference to; a mate, sidekick, wife, bitch, girlfriend, boyfriend, trick, pal, etc. but especially the person who rides shotgun with them in their car.
Used by Eddie Haskel to describe Lumpy in an episode of "Leave It To Beaver".
The Cisco Kid had Pancho for ballast, Tarzan had Cheeta.
by Jim Inman August 25, 2006
A bitchmistress is an obstreperous and obnoxcious cunt of a woman who has a willing yet sniveling husband, trick, or boyfriend in tow. She makes him do everything for her and complaines the whole time, spending his cash and bitching. Meanwhile he eagerly grovels at her feet.
If that idiot and his bitchmistress ever come back, I'll eat glass before I'll wait on their table.
by Jim Inman August 20, 2006
A catastrophy and a disaster in one incident.
If that volcano erupts, it will be the greatest disastrophy in American history.
by Jim Inman September 22, 2006
To be infuckingfected is to be infected personally or to have your computer infected and to be so fucking mad about it that you could burst a Goddamn blood vessel.
Argghhh! My fucking computer is infuckingfected!
by Jim Inman August 19, 2006

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